...:Infinity WAR Season 6 Ep 3:...

An easy, stable server and well-thought-out gameplay are waiting for you!

Server developments made it rich and interesting!

New Events, Bonuses, a new store and many additional functions for your interest and comfort !!!

On the Server, everything is available in a game way, you can achieve everything without investment

Join will be a great game!


Briefly about the Server:

PvP Server

Experience: x99999 

Reset Auto: x1000 (V.I.P x1500)

Drop: 80%

Max Stats: 65000

PPL: 5/7/7

Master LvL: x5 (V.I.P x10 Max 400 LvL)

Chaus Machine:  70% ( V.I.P 90%)

New Wing in Shop

All New Jewels in X-Shop

Jewels in Shop

Off Attack:  6 Hour (V.I.P 10)

Dynamic EXP: NO

New items in X-Shop

New Wings in X-Shop

Land of Trials: Drop Ancient 65%


New Graphic

Max IP Connection: 3

V.I.P System 

All Skills in Shop

V.I.P Arena

Balance System: PVP/PVE

VOTE Reward System

Grand Reset only on WebSite


Referal System

Reset on WebSite = 6 WCoinC (V.I.P 10 WCoinC)

Grand Reset: = 1000 WCoinC (V.I.P 1.200)

Master Grand Reset: = 3.500 WCoinC (V.I.P 4.000)

Limit Master Grand Reset: UNLIMIT!!!

KUNDUN Respawn: Lorencia every 4 Hour!!!


Interesting game events will not let you get bored.

New sets of things.

P.S: ALL New Items + SOCKET, DO NOT USE in Chaus Machine (Add 380 lvl Options)!!!



Magriffy BOSS: (Lorencia)

Anubis Boss: (Nixie Lakes)

Magina Boss: (Kube Mine)

Soul Keeper Boss: (Uruk)

Dairon Boss: (Ferea)



Game Economy Easy.

PVP / PVE balance for all characters

Administration support 12/7

We are waiting for your wishes and your vision on the server!

Write to us we appreciate your feedback!

We try to make the server for a comfortable and interesting game!

Sincerely, the administration of Infinity WAR

January 31, 2023, 7:17 pm

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